The Legend Of Slot Machines The Game Is Maddening And Mediocre- online slot machine

The Legend Of Slot Machines The Game Is Maddening And Mediocre- online slot machine

The legend of slot machines (3) Game pattern statement


The Macau casino has been greatly improved from the previous equipment. The newly opened MGM Grand Palace (500 units), the largest Venetian in Asia (4,000 units), and gaming machines have become the main gaming tables. Half a hundred old Songs are all greedy and addicted to playing game machines. It’s not that their surname is not ideal. They always give [Song] money to slot machines. If you play, you may not be eaten.” The courage to take care of his age and frailty, and he has to travel to Macau for thousands of years. It is no wonder that game consoles have become a must-have machine in Macau casinos.

Slot Legends Spindle Story

Lao Song Lao turned back

The old Song people should be more mature. Instead, they turned around and played slot machines until they lost control. Give points! Damn it!” The swear words are not good enough, and they have to be full of martial arts, kick the machine with the palm of the hand, and the machine turns into a fight. The slot machine has no way to fight back. How long can Song run rampant.

Little plum cares for the master

Fearing that Lao Song would have a heart attack, he offered tea: “Damn it! Boss Song, don’t fight with it! What kind of shit? It’s a deal! It doesn’t look like giving points, it’s a turnaround!” The old man has a bigger temper, and the stubborn ones are only willing to give up until they give out a reward.

Lao Song’s out-of-control emotions

After Xiao Lizi’s persuasion, the explosion became more and more: “Damn it! Lao Tzu! If you don’t believe me, you can’t play free games (see the free game in the next chapter), carry it with you, damn it! What? , I will hold you to death! Wang Badan!” [To be continued]

A brief overview of the predecessor of the slot machine game machine

Game machines are commonly known as slot machines, and now they are called “slot machines”. As the name suggests, they are game machines that cannot be easily tried. Everyone knows how to play slot machines. It’s not a real tiger, why do you scare yourself? You’re right. Besides, playing video games is a pastime. Such a simple idea will swallow up how much money from the guests.

If you don’t get involved in playing slot games, you can just appreciate the prestige and prestige of slot machines (see the article), and you will be able to know its disadvantages and prevent its harm. The unfortunate only have to spend money to buy the sins, in order to reduce the suffering of slot games. For the damage of slot game machines, I will briefly introduce the various game models of the Macau game airport, so as to understand the gameplay of the game machine, and then from the process of the game, I can understand that the game machine is not eaten by tigers. , but there is a fact that people are fooled, there is a slot game machine that Wu Song reincarnates and is also pissed off.

Therefore, I will briefly describe the gameplay of each game, and select the most popular “God of Fortune” game console from among them, and do the most detailed and complete interpretation, in order to avoid the trap of the game console program as much as possible when actually playing the game. Falling into the trap of the game machine, you can naturally feel playing the game machine. Although it is not a fun game, it can be confusing without losing reason, and it can be replaced by legitimate entertainment.

The change of game machines is as fast as flipping a book. There are various models, and there are countless new ones. It is not like the old slot machine (bingo machine) in the past. It is necessary to exchange it with the service counter of the game airport first. The special token, the coin is put in by hand and the handle is pulled once. The number of operations is a tiring game, and the patterns and patterns are monotonous. The screen is a picture of three straight lines and five patterns. If there is a straight line in the middle connecting three More than one pattern, the bonus is higher, and there are also bonus points for one or two patterns with special regulations.

Today’s slot machines

The difference between the old slot machine and the new slot machine

The biggest difference between today’s slot game machines is that the slot machine (the old model) calculates the bonus points of the pattern “from right to left”. The slot game machine is reversed, and counted from “left to right”. Most of the customers of the slot machine (Bingo machine) have a hard time getting used to it. In the old days, the slot machine, although the pattern was monotonous, pulled the handle with the hand and listened to the sound with the ear, there was a lot of interest in the process. It’s called “Bingo Game Machine”.

A brief overview of the predecessor of the game machine, it can be seen that playing the slot machine in the past was monotonous, and the expectation was the moment of winning the lottery. Anyway, it was a game of chance, and there was no skill at all. One was to spend time for entertainment, and the other was to spend a small amount of money to buy one. It is expected that the guests understand that it is difficult to get a large amount of winnings when playing the slot machine, and they consider it to be a game with little consumption, but it increases the nature of the game entertainment.

At the moment, the slot machine (slot machine) has many levels of betting amount and many betting bonus points. It is as small as five cents Hong Kong dollars per button, and as large as five hundred per button. The game machine uses the minimum amount of coin to win a lot of money. The bonus, the guests who come to the Macau casino, will have the idea of ​​gambling luck, don’t have the regret of returning to Baoshan empty-handed, the casino knows the psychology of the guests, so it will be generously presented, and the guests who play the game machine for the first time will be given free of charge. Give away scores of ten dollars to tempt guests to play game consoles, so that guests will pay more for their greed for small gains.

The current evolution of consoles

Although it contains entertainment elements, the nature of gambling is becoming more and more intense. In the past, the joy of playing bingo machines and the dream of playing slot machines have all disappeared without a trace, replaced by slot game machines, not games that guests can play casually. If you are unfortunate enough to get the thrill of playing game machines, there is a big difference between winning and losing. You may be lucky to bet a million or you may lose money unfortunately. Power, so it is necessary to recognize the type of game machine before trouble occurs, so as not to be traumatized by slot game machines, and to enjoy more game entertainment.

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