Slot Game Play -online slot machine

Slot Game Play -online slot machine

online slot machine
How to play slot machine games in Macau_Aegean Islands (Archipelago)
Slot game play _ Aegean Islands (Archipelago) Macau

Slots: Introduction to the Aegean Islands

This slot machine has a Scatter symbol – at least three of these symbols trigger the free spins. There’s also the Wild symbol, which replaces other game symbols and helps make up payout combinations. Plus, a Wild symbol anywhere on the third reel triggers the Super Magnum option!

Finally, your chance to play the Spirits of Nature bonus game! Complete all rounds successfully and you can change the world you live in!

online slot machine Play Slots Aegean Islands

online slot machine Slot game betting

To set the number of active paylines, use the Bet Once button. Each time the button is pressed, the number of valid paylines will increase by one. The activated payline is highlighted on the screen.

You activate a payline using the coloured buttons with numbers on either side of the payline. So, to bet on four paylines, click button 4 – as a result, paylines 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be activated.

To set the bet on each payline, use the Line Bet + online slot machine and (Line Bet – buttons to adjust. The line bet increases with each button click. When the currency cap is reached, the + button becomes disabled. When the minimum line bet limit is reached, the – button becomes disabled. The line bet box displays the bet amount per line. The
bet total field displays the bet amount equal to the number of selected paylines multiplied by the bet amount per line.
To To start the reel spin, click the Spin button.
To bet the maximum number of paylines (20 in this game), use the Max Bet control. Clicking the Max Bet control button automatically spins the reels.
Click the Paytable button to see the payout. online slot machine To To return to the main game screen, click the Back to Game button.

You can always refer to the Paytable for additional information on payouts. Click the Rules and Features (Bonus Games) button on the Payouts screen to view game rules, free spins features, MegaWild features and bonus game information.

Archipelago slot machine has up online slot machine to 25 paylines! A payline is a straight or folded line that passes through a pattern on each reel like a bead, and is a winning combination based on the type of pattern the payline crosses. Each payline will display a different color, which you can clearly tell on the game screen. The maximum number of paylines is 25:

online slot machine slot machine spin results

If a winning combination appears along one of the paylines, the combination is animated and the total amount won is displayed next to the corresponding payline. The corresponding field in the paytable will start flashing.

All symbols on consecutive reels on an active payline pay from left to right.

The winnings listed in the paytable are multiplied by the stake per line.

Note that only the highest winning combination of each valid payline is paid.

The win box of the control panel shows the total amount won. If winning combinations line up along more than one payline, the payouts are added together.

online slot machine

online slot machine Slot Machine Auto Spin Options

This option allows to start a series of spin repeats, while keeping the selected coin value and the number of paylines unchanged. You can choose 5, 10, 20, 50 or even 100 spins to repeat.

Click the 5x button to start 5 auto spins.

Click the 10x button to start 10 autospins.

Click the Auto Spin button to open the screen for setting the number of Auto Spins.

When the automatic rotation function is activated, the rotation button will be replaced by the stop button. You can stop the axle at any time using the stop control or by clicking anywhere on the axle.

Slot machine return rate

The return rate of the game is as high as 96.37%.

online slot machine Slots Aegean Islands Bonus Features

online slot machine Slot Machine Aegean Islands Wild Pattern

This symbol replaces other symbols in the game (except Scatters and Bonuses) and contributes to winning combinations. The Wild symbol itself does not pay out.

Wild symbols appearing anywhere on the 3rd reel trigger the Super Wild game: all symbols on the 3rd reel become Wild symbols. Therefore, your chances of winning are tripled!

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