Slot Game Hot 7 Gameplay Introduction-online slot machine

Slot Game Hot 7 Gameplay Introduction-online slot machine

online slot machine

online slot machine Slot Machine Aegean Islands Scatter Pattern with Free Spins

At least three gold cups on the reels trigger the free spins!

Players get 5 free spins when 3 scatter patterns appear;

4 Scatters – 10 Free Spins;

5 Scatters – 20 Free Spins!

During the free spins, players will get more free spins if three or more Scatter symbols appear on the activated reel. The number of free spins will be accumulated on top of the original number. Players also have the opportunity to enjoy the MegaWild feature and bonus games during the free spins. When free spins are obtained, the reels will automatically start spinning without the player having to click the spin button.

Your valid bet during the free spins is the same as when the free spins were initially triggered.

online slot machine Slots Aegean Islands Bonus Game

3 or more of these symbols activate the Spirits of Nature bonus game. You need to complete all 4 levels to change your world!

A combination of bonus symbols anywhere on an active payline does not, in and of itself, pay out. It is only used to trigger the corresponding bonus game!

Your bonus game winnings depend on the wagers you made before starting the bonus game. The points earned are displayed on the final bonus game screen.

online slot machine Slot Game Hot 7 (Hot 7’S Slots) Gameplay Introduction

Hot 7's Slots

online slot machine Slot game play _ Hot 7 description

Hot ‘s Slots is a five-chip classic slot game with three reels and one payline!

Hot 7 pattern combinations offer really high odds.

The game has a jackpot feature, so 2% of every stake in the game goes into the public jackpot. The jackpot is awarded for three triple 7s on the payline. Note that qualifying for the jackpot is a five-chip wager.

online slot machine How to play the classic slot machine game?

To start the game, first you need to place a bet. Using the control panel at the bottom of the screen:

The coin value is fixed and displayed in the coin value area.

Click the Bet Once button to select the number of coins to bet. Each time the button is pressed, the stake is increased by one coin. Your bet is up to five coins. Your total bet is displayed in the betting area.

Click to turn the spin wheel.

To bet a maximum of 5 coins, click the Max Bet button. Clicking the highest bet control button automatically spins the reels.

Note: To win the jackpot, you need to place a maximum bet of five coins.

In the event of a winning combination, you will be paid out according to the paytable displayed above the reels. The winning area shows the amount won and the corresponding area in the paytable is highlighted.

online slot machine

online slot machine Classic Slot Game Jackpot

One possible winning opportunity in the game is the progressive jackpot. 2% of bets placed on the game will be added to the normal accumulation. To win the jackpot, you need to bet five coins and get three triple 7s combo on the payline.

After a jackpot is won, a new accumulation begins while the casino provides a certain amount of base money. This ensures that even if you get a jackpot combo in-game immediately after someone else has won the jackpot, you’ll get the big bucks.

online slot machine Classic Slot Game_Hot 7’s Slots Rebate Rateonline slot machineClassic Slot Game_Hot 7’s Slots Rebate Rate

The return rate of the game is as high as 93.36%.

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