Slots Aegean Islands Bonus Features

Slots Aegean Islands Bonus Features

Slots Aegean Islands Bonus Features

slot machine spin results

If a winning combination appears along one of the paylines, the combination is animated and the total amount won is displayed next to the corresponding payline. The corresponding field in the paytable will start flashing.

All symbols on consecutive reels on an active payline pay from left to right.

The winnings listed in the paytable are multiplied by the stake per line.

Note that only the highest winning combination of each valid payline is paid.

The win box of the control panel shows the total amount won. If winning combinations line up along more than one payline, the payouts are added together.

Slots Aegean Islands Bonus Features

Slot Machine Auto Spin Options

This option allows to start a series of spin repeats, while keeping the selected coin value and the number of paylines unchanged. You can choose 5, 10, 20, 50 or even 100 spins to repeat.、Slot machine gameplay rules

Click the 5x button to start 5 auto spins.

Click the 10x button to start 10 autospins.

Click the Auto Spin button to open the screen for setting the number of Auto Spins.

When the automatic rotation function is activated, the rotation button will be replaced by the stop button. You can stop the axle at any time using the stop control or by clicking anywhere on the axle.