Pick a slot machine that suits you at the casino

Pick a slot machine that suits you at the casino

Hot 7 's Slots is a five-chip classic slot game with three reels and one payline!

Pick a slot machine that suits you at the casino

First of all,
you need to determine the face value of the coin-operated slot machine you are playing. There are often gamblers who throw ¢25 coins into the $1 slot machine, wondering why the slot machine does not turn.

When choosing a slot machine , pay attention to the type, play and odds of each slot machine.

Compound slot machine game
This type of slot machine has a row of identical symbols in which the gambler wins, depending on how many coins are tossed at one time. In a slot machine, for example, when a row of lemons appears, toss a coin wins five, toss two wins ten, and toss three wins fifteen. This slot machine doesn’t reduce your odds on winning by just flipping one coin at a time. This slot machine is best played if you only flip one coin at a time.Slot machine banker

Bonus compound slot machine
This slot machine adds a bonus to the compound slot machine: when you flip three coins at a time, the slot machine and hit the jackpot, you will get extra rewards. For example, when hitting three “7s”, if you only flip 1 coin, the odds are 1000, if you flip 2 coins, the odds are 2000, if you flip 3 coins, the odds jump to 10000 When playing this slot machine, you have to first determine if the extra bonus is worth your extra coin.

Multi-Line Slot Machine
This slot machine has multiple lines, and each coin toss activates a specific line, so if the screen shows a line that is not active, you get nothing in return.

Buy More Earn More Slots
This is a slot machine that often confuses gamblers. Each winning coin bet activates a specific payline. Slot machines you need to flip three coins to win the jackpot. A specific example is the Seven Sisters slot machine. If you toss a coin, you only win when a row of cherries appears, if you toss two, you win when a row of cherries or a row of chocolate bars appear, and you only win if you toss three coins at the same time and three 7s appear. prize. If you hit three sevens with just one coin, you won’t win anything.

This kind of slot machine
draws a certain amount of the money invested by the gambler into the jackpot to form a huge amount of money. This kind of huge bonus can easily be several million or even tens of millions, but the gambler can only play the highest coin You have a chance to win big prizes when you have the number. So to play these slot machines, be sure to roll the highest number of coins each time.

Pick a slot machine that suits you at the casino

Play Wall Street Slots

“Fun Wall Street”, the English name is Wall St Fever, also translated as “Wall Street Fever”, the slot machine is a 5-reel, 5-line, 36-win combination video slot game with a progressive jackpot, with a bonus link , and free spins opportunities. The maximum bet slot is 5, and each slot (chip) value is $0.10 USD (¥0.75 RMB), so the maximum bet on one spin is $0.50 USD.

Playing Wall Street Slots with clear and simple graphics and the highest jackpots makes it a favorite among players.、Slot machine prediction、Slot machine probability、Slot machine Raiders、Slot machine road list、Slot machine road method、Slot Machine Rules、Slot machine Sanbao、Slot machine Sanzhu Road、Slot machine secret skills、Slot machine skills、Slot machine strategy、Slot machine strongest winning rate、Slot machine teaching、Slot machine term、Slot machine to make money、Slot machine to win money、Slot machine to win money strategy、Slot machine to win money tips、Slot machine victory formula、Slot machine winning rate、Slot machine writing road

Slot machine game “Fun Wall Street” gameplay:
Play Wall Street slot machine gameplay process:
Click “Bonus Table” to open the bonus table page, and then click “Bonus Table” once to return to the game.
Click “Bet One” to bet on a payline. To bet on 1 to 5 paylines, click 5 times, then click “Spin” to spin the reels.
Click “All In” to bet on all 5 paylines (if the balance is not enough for as many as possible) and the reels are automatically rotated.
Click “Spin” to start spinning the reels.
How Do Wall Street Slots Win the Jackpot?
All 5 paylines must be wagered (All-In – BET MAX), which is $0.50 and 5 Wall Street symbols (Wild symbols) appear on the screen to win the highest jackpot. The jackpot on December 15, 2009 was $139,000.

If you don’t go all-in and roll out 5 Wall Street patterns, you’ll have 100,000 chips, or $10,000.

How do Wall Street Slots get free spins?
When three or more free spins symbols appear on the screen during a game, you can get the chance to get free spins. The more free spins symbols you get on the screen, the more free spins you can get, up to 50 free spins, the symbols don’t have to be on the same payline, they don’t need to be consecutive, or even is on an activated payline. As long as three or more free spins symbols appear on the game screen, you can win a chance to win free spins. During the free spins, the active payline bet is the same as when you won the free spins chance, and the number of free spins remaining is displayed on the top left of the reels.

Entering the free spins, you can get free spins rewards with the free spins logo anywhere on the reels, and you can win more free spins in the free spins.

How Do Wall Street Slots Enter the Bonus Round?
The zig-zag pattern (Z-shaped symbol) represents a bonus pattern. This symbol does not mean that you have won a prize, but instead allows you to enter the bonus segment. Spin 3 ZigZags on an active payline to enter the bonus round. The zig-zag pattern appears only on the three vertical rows in the middle of the reels.

How do Wall Street slot machines read the payout table?
5X, 4X, 3X, 2X, etc. in the bonus table represent the number of patterns that appear. 50X, 15X and 5X in Free Spins represent the number of spins. The other numbers in the payout represent the number of slots. Common symbols (phone, dollar, etc. symbols) must appear on one payline. Please see the rules above for special patterns.